Pistachio green



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Pistachio in the foreground. Pastry art imbued with the scent of the best Sicilian pistachio. So we wanted to create a selection of our most representative pistachio-based products.

A refined collection of flavors whose only denominator is pistachio green. An exclusivity to give or to be given as a gift to savor all the quality and goodness of Pistì handcrafted products based on fragrant Sicilian pistachio. Discover our “Verde Pistachio” gift box.

10 Products: 1 of pistachio pesto of 190 gr; 1 of 600 gr pistachio magnum cream; 1 of PDO pistachio cream of 200 gr; 1 of 150 gr pistachio cookies; 1 of almond paste with pistachio in a 150 g bag; 1 of chunks of pistachio crunchy 200 g; 1 of crunchy pistachio sheets in a 150 g bag; 1 bag of pistachio grains covered in white chocolate of 200 g; 1 tray of pistachio grains of 100 g; 1 bag of green pistachio from Bronte Dop of 150 gr.