Pieces of Crunchy Sicilian Almond


Formato: bag with bow 100g/200g
Ingredienti: ALMONDS 65%, sugar, honey.

May contain other NUTS and SOY.
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Almond Brittle Chunks - Authentic Artisanal Tradition

Pistì's almond brittle chunks are an explosion of authentic and genuine flavors, created with passion and dedication. These delicious bites are made with high-quality ingredients, following a traditional recipe that enhances the natural taste of almonds.

Selected and Natural Ingredients

Pistì's almond brittle chunks are made with first-choice almonds, orange blossom honey, and sugar. The almonds, carefully selected for their freshness and crunchiness, are the heart of this sweet. The orange blossom honey, with its delicate aroma, combines perfectly with the sugar to create a balanced and irresistible sweetness.

Artisanal Processing

The preparation of the almond brittle chunks follows artisanal methods passed down through generations. Every step of the process, from roasting the almonds to melting the honey and sugar, is carried out with precision and care. This approach ensures a final product that retains the authentic flavors and typical crunchiness of the brittle.

Distinctive Scents and Flavors

Pistì's almond brittle chunks offer a unique sensory experience. The enveloping aroma of orange blossom honey and the intense flavor of roasted almonds blend in every bite, evoking memories of festivities and traditions. Each taste is a journey into flavor, where the sweetness of honey meets the crunchiness of almonds for a unique and unforgettable pleasure.

Ideal for Any Occasion

Perfect to enjoy at any time of the day, the almond brittle chunks are ideal as a sweet gift or to enrich your special moments. Their versatility makes them suitable for any occasion, always offering a touch of sweetness and refinement.

Buy Online

Visit the official Antichi Sapori dell'Etna website to purchase the delicious almond brittle chunks. With just a few simple steps, you can have these delicacies delivered directly to your home, ready to be enjoyed and shared.


Pistì's almond brittle chunks are more than just a sweet treat: they represent a taste experience that combines tradition and quality. Try them and let yourself be conquered by their unique flavor, the result of selected ingredients and careful, passionate artisanal processing.