Crunchy with Pistachio and Sicilian Almond


Formato: 60g pack
Ingredienti: PISTACHIOS 40%, almonds 25%, sugar, honey.

May contain other nuts and soy.
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Pistì's Pistachio and Almond Brittle originates from the tradition of dried fruit and honey sweets of Arabic origin, offering a fragrant and bold flavor. This delicious brittle is made with a blend of pistachios, almonds, honey, and sugar, ingredients that evoke memories of traditional festivals and joyful moments.

Our brittle represents the perfect combination of the crunchiness of almonds and the unique taste of pistachios, all enhanced by the sweetness of honey and sugar. Each bite offers a unique sensory experience, with a crunchy texture that melts in your mouth, leaving a pleasant sweet and toasted note.

Perfect as an after-meal treat, the Pistachio and Almond Brittle is ideal for elegantly concluding a lunch or dinner. Thanks to its balanced flavor and consistency, it is also suitable as a snack during the day, providing a moment of sweetness and satisfaction.

The quality of the ingredients is at the heart of our production. We use only carefully selected, first-choice pistachios and almonds to ensure a final product of excellence. The honey and sugar used in the recipe are also of high quality, contributing to enhancing the natural flavors of the dried fruit.

Pistì's Pistachio and Almond Brittle is a true journey through the flavors of confectionery tradition, carrying with it the legacy of ancient recipes and a passion for craftsmanship. This sweet treat is also perfect as a gift, to share an authentic and rich-in-history product with friends and family.

Discover Pistì's Pistachio and Almond Brittle and let yourself be enchanted by its fragrance and bold taste. Buy now and bring a piece of tradition to your home, made with selected ingredients and prepared with love and dedication. Each bite will be a moment of pleasure, a journey through the authentic flavors of our land.