Pistachio grains covered with extra dark chocolate


Formato: Envelope of 200 g
Ingredienti: Extra dark chocolate (70% cocoa mass, sugar, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), 35% pistachio.

May contain other nuts, milk, and derivatives.
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Pistachio Kernels Covered in Extra Dark Chocolate

Discover a world of authentic flavors with pistachio kernels covered in 70% extra dark chocolate. A culinary experience that combines the intense sweetness of chocolate with the unique taste of pistachios, artisanally processed to ensure the highest quality.

Artisanal Processing of Pistachios

The processing of pistachios follows ancient artisanal processes, preserving the authenticity and genuine flavor of each kernel. Each pistachio is carefully selected and processed to maintain its organoleptic characteristics. This artisanal care is reflected in every bite, offering a unique sensory experience.

The Extra Dark Chocolate Shell

The pistachio kernels are wrapped in a 70% extra dark chocolate shell, enhancing the bold and refined flavor of the chocolate. This combination creates a harmony of tastes that blend perfectly, providing an intense moment of pleasure.

Perfect for Any Moment

The pistachio kernels covered in extra dark chocolate are ideal for after meals or for a quick break during the day. Thanks to their practicality, they can be enjoyed at any time, always offering a delicious moment of sweetness.

An Elegant Gift

These kernels also represent a refined and original gift idea, perfect for surprising friends and family with a high-quality product. The elegance of the packaging and the goodness of the content make these pistachios an ideal choice for any occasion.

Pistachio kernels covered in 70% extra dark chocolate are much more than just a sweet treat: they are the result of an artisanal tradition that values each ingredient, combining intense and authentic flavors. Whether you want to treat yourself to a moment of pleasure or give a special gift, these kernels will win you over with their quality and unmistakable taste.